Volunteer Opportunities

The food cupboard is run completely by volunteers. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, email us: info@medfieldfoodcupboard.com


Pick-up volunteers collect food items from donation bins around Medfield and deliver them to the Food Cupboard during church business hours.


We place food orders at local grocery markets and shoppers are needed pick up and deliver the items to the Food Cupboard.

Food Drives

Volunteers are needed to help deliver the food to the church, check expiration dates, and sort and shelve the items.


Volunteers help assist clients as they shop by answering questions and keeping tables organized.


Luggers carry packed bins of food up to the Church Social Hall from the lower level. 

Set up

Set-Up volunteers unpack and set up food bins on distribution mornings. 


Volunteers are assigned to check expiration dates and shelve the donated items.

Home Deliveries

Volunteers are needed to deliver groceries to homebound clients. 


Packers come in every two weeks to pack bins of food for the upcoming distribution. 

Student Volunteers

Students age 13 and older are welcome to volunteer.